Gösta Skoglund (1903 - 1988)

Member of the County Council in 1939 (Chairman of the Board of the County Council 1955-1963. Member of the cabinet and minister of communications 1957-65.

Gösta Skoglund was raised in a fishing camp outside the city of Hudiksvall. He studied for a teaching profession and in 1927 he was employed as a teacher in Umeå where he was to stay. Not before long he abandoned the teaching profession for a political career.

Through his well-informed conviction of the importance of higher education to regional development, his strong support from other politicians, and his stubbornness, Skoglund was of vital importance in the bringing about of Umeå university and in the positive development of the City of Umeå. As the Chairman of the Board of the County Council, Skoglund was observant of the needs of physicians and dentists and of the importance an education of physicians and dentists would have to all parts of Norrland. In 1946 and 1948 Skoglund, together with collegues of his own party, submitted a motion on the university issue to the Parliament (Riksdagen). In 1946 the Cities of Härnösand and Umeå were mentioned as possible places for a new university.

In 1948 the proposers of the motion wanted an investigation on the localization of a new university in Norrland. The County Council of Västerbotten, headed by Gösta Skoglund, intensely cooperated with the 1951 Committee of Dentistry. Skoglunds promises of economic sacrifices on the part of the County Council were most likely of crucial importance for the proposal to localize the School of Dentistry to Umeå. The County Council showed the same interest and economic benevolence when the Scool of Medicine was being localized. Skoglund was greatly appreciated for his achievements. In 1958 he was promoted to be a honorary doctor of dentistry and in 1972 he was promoted to be a honorary doctor of medicine. In 1982 a road in the university area was named after Skoglund and in 1985 he was awarded the Medal of Merit of the Umeå university. A bronze bust of Skoglund proudly stands in the main entrance hall of the university hospital. The university owns an oil painting of Skoglund.
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