The Gösta Skoglund foundation

Gösta Skoglunds International Fund - travel funds to researchers and the prize for best essay on the C & D level.

In connection with Gosta Skoglunds 80th birthday in 1983 a fund was created by collecting of about one million crowns aimed at Umeå University to create the conditions for an international exchange of researchers (Gösta Skoglunds International Fund). The Fund's purposes, according to the statutes, is to, in connection with the activities of the Center for Regional Science (CERUM), enabling researchers in Umeå to both travel to international symposia and seminars - both inside and outside the Nordic region - visit other research institutions and make study visits to other countries, and invite foreign researchers to Umeå, and this organizing international symposia and seminars. The Board of Directors of the Fund has decided to annually award a scholarship of SEK 10,000 to the student, who wrote the best paper on the 60-credit level (90 HE credits) at institutions at Umeå University related to the regional scientific research.

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