CERUM is, in a Swedish perspective, through its connection to a large university with many faculties, a unique organization for regional scientific research. The special role that CERUM fills, in the Swedish regional scientific field of knowledge, is our participation in Ph.D. education and especially in the production of doctoral theses. Our definite advantage is that no other research environment in Sweden has such extensive basic structure for research within the core areas of regional science.

Areas of competence

Cerum strives to, on a long term basis, increase the competence at Umeå university within the following six areas of competence:

  • Spatial theory
  • Models to simulate spatial structures and dynamics
  • Spatial analysis and statistics
  • Geographical information systems
  • Regional and urban policy
  • Evaluation policy

Cerum engages researchers, primarily locally but also nationally, to develop larger research programmes. The focus today lies within the area of social sciences - disciplines such as social and economic geography, economics, economic history and political science are often present in Cerum´s projects. Research is also done within the arts subjects, mainly within History of Science and Ideas and Archeology, where already cooperation exists but the potential for further development of research projects is significant. To develop quantitative methods and models, links have been created to research within applied mathematics, statistical methods, geographical information systems and system analysis.

In cooperation with TRUM and the Department of Economic History, a communication research network has been established at Umeå University. The aim is to facilitate the contact between researchers in different disciplines.

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