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University Network of the European Capitals of Culture (UNeECC)

Lecturers in the seminar series: 

In the Network Culture & Cities we have had the opportunity to take part of various researchers' studies on topics relevant to the project. The following researchers have visited the network and held seminars: 

Orvar Löfgren, Professor of Ethnology at Lund University. Löfgren visited Cultures and Cities in February to talk about "Catwalking the City".

Johan Fornäs, professor of media and communication studies at Södertörn University, visited Umeå in February to talk about his research "Eastern Europeans Funk': Eastern Europe Stories in the Eurovision song contest”.

Virve Repo, the Department of Geography at the University of Turku, visited Umeå to talk about the monitoring of Turku/Åbo Capital of Culture; "Turku/Åbo 2011 follow-up survey - Long Term Effects of Cultural Capital Year in Turku"

Pier Luigi Sacco, General, Director Sienna candidacy ECOC 2019, visited Umeå in April. Saccos presentation and conversation, “Performing Heritage: how contemporary culture is connected with its cultural roots” and “Potentials of the cultural capital: discussing Umea's Current Challenges and Successes & Current Initiatives underway in Siena”, took place in the Glass House at Rådhustorget in Umeå. Read more about his research in “Culture 3.0: A new perspective for the EU 2014-2020 structural funds programming”

Rolf Norås, Stavanger Cultural Affairs, visited Umeå in April to talk about and present the book "What would you do differently if you knew what you now know? An investigation into 12 shapes European Capitals of Culture".

Emma Stenström, associate Professor and Center Director for the Research Center for Arts, Business & Culture (ABC) at Stockholm School of Economics, visited Sliperiet, Umeå, in September for a lecture about economics of culture and culture driven entrepreneurship.

Åke E. Andersson, professor of economics at Jönköping international business school, visited, Sliperiet, Umeå, in October for a lecture about “The C-society and the creative regions – retrospect and prospects”

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