Research at CERUM consists of research programs and research projects. The board of CERUM decides on the research programs, which is of comprehensive multi-scientific nature and run for several years. The number of researchers participating in the various programs may vary.

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A typical time period for a research program is 5 years. Research projects run over shorter time periods and mainly have practical applied research as scientific approach. CERUM are currently conducting a review of the CERUM program areas to meet the new Board whishes. CERUM does not have any PhD-students or carry out any PhD-education of it´s own. On the other hand CERUM participates in and tries to initiate post-graduate courses and doctoral projects focusing on spatial science at other institutions.

Please contact Lars Westin, Director of CERUM.

Some of our partners:

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Region Västerbotten

European Union Structural funds

Västerbottens läns landsting

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