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CERUM's unique mission

The Centre for Regional Science (CERUM) was established by the swedish government in 1983 with a mission to initiate and carry out multidisciplinary research projects and to spread knowledge on research findings to various public interest. Furthermore, CERUM has through its localization at Umeå university, a natural research task in dealing with issues of special interest for Northern Sweden and Northern Europe. Accordingly, CERUM's research is carried out in the span between basic and applied research and in interaction between the many scientific disciplines that relate to the research field of regional science. CERUM co-operates with researchers in Eastern and Western Europe, North America and South East Asia. CERUM is, in a swedish perspective, through its close ties to Umeå University a unique organization for regional scientific research. CERUM also participates in Ph.D. education by financing Ph.D. studies and to some extent by giving Ph.D. courses.

The focus of CERUM's activities lies within the field of Social Sciences - disciplines such as Social and Economic Geography, Economics, Economic History and Political Science are often present in CERUM's projects. We also carry out spatial research oriented towards the Arts, Natural Sciences & Technology and Medicine. This interdisciplinary research has a great potential for further development. CERUM also contributes to the needs of the surrounding region for knowledge and competence. We carry out research assignments, seminars and publish popular scientific articles and books.

Areas of competence

CERUM's business idea is to carry out internationally top class research within spatial and regional science. It is our vision that Umeå University will strengthen its present strong position and develop into an internationally renowned research environment within this area. To this end CERUM aims for a long-term build up of competence within the following seven areas of competence.

• Spatial theory (Urban, regional and rural)

• Qualitative analysis of spatial processes

• Simulation of spatial structures and dynamic processes

• GIS, spatial statistics, and data

• Spatial policy, implementation, and evaluation

Organization and finances

CERUM is organized as a working unit within the Faculty of Social Sciences at Umeå University. Consequently the financing of CERUM is managed in part through a basic allocation laid down by the Faculty of Social Sciences. To a great extent CERUM is also financed by research institutes and foundations, but also by authorities and other national and regional institutes. CERUM is managed by a board appointed by the concerned Faculty Boards and the Student Unions. The members of the board are scientists or students at Umeå University. Subordinate to the board CERUM is managed by an executive committee. The executive committee consists of the chairman of the board, the director of CERUM and one more member elected by the board. In addition there is a network of researchers, within and outside the university, tied to different subject areas within the various research programmes. The flexible network structure has enabled researchers to take part according to their own interests and to the demands for competence made by the research programmes.

The Gösta Skoglund International Foundation

The Gösta Skoglund International Foundation is a significant continuous sponsor of CERUM's international activities. According to the statutes it is one of the foundation's purposes to enable researchers in Umeå, within the field of regional science, to go to international symposiums and seminars, to visit other research institutes and to make study visits to other countries. The other purposes is to invite foreign researchers to Umeå and to arrange international symposiums and seminars. Each year the foundation awards a scholarship of 10.000 SEK to the student who has written the best essay on the 60-credit level (90 HE credits).

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