Tönu Puu

My current research areas are:

1. Nonlinear economic dynamics, see for instance:
T. Puu, Attractors, Bifurcations and Chaos (Springer 2003)

Special applications focused are:

1a. Oligopoly theory, see
T. Puu and I. Sushko (Eds.),Oligopoly Dynamics(Springer 2002).
1b. Business cycle theory. New collaborative book on the multiplier-accelerator model. In preparation (to appear 2006).
2. Theoretical regional science, in particular location and land use theory, see
T. Puu, Mathematical Location and Land Use Theory(Springer 2003)

Gratuity to the visitor of this home page:

T. Puu, Mathematics Refresher for Students of Economics, E-book, 236 pp.
Freely downloadable as PDF file from this web site.
Preface and table of contents: Download
Whole book: Download
Comments from readers appreciated to tonu.puu@econ.umu.se

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