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The Centre for Regional Science (Cerum) was established by the swedish government in 1983 with a mission to initiate and carry out research on regional development, to carry out multidisciplinary research projects, and to spread knowledge on research findings to various public interests. Cerum aims for a long-term build up of competence within the following areas:

  • Spatial theory (Urban, regional and rural)
  • Qualitative analysis of spatial processes
  • Simulation of spatial structures and dynamic processes
  • GIS, spatial statistics, and data
  • Spatial policy, implementation, and evaluation

The focus of CERUM's activities lies within the field of Social Sciences - disciplines such as Social and Economic Geography, Economics, Economic History and Political Science are often present in CERUM's projects. We also carry out spatial research oriented towards the Arts, Natural Sciences & Technology and Medicine. This interdisciplinary research has a great potential for further development. CERUM also contributes to the needs of the surrounding region for knowledge and competence. We carry out research assignments, seminars and publish popular scientific articles and books.

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